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honestly what’s really exciting is that I’m finally buying a digital camera and a serious one and that. I’m pretty good with one but I’m taking another photography class this upcoming semester so I’m trying to keep pushing the envelope

Posted on 24th Jul at 9:20 PM
someday we will meet

*magic conch voice* maybe someday

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well duh I’d meet you in the city but I’m kinda short on train fare these days

see I get that. I’d go to ct but I’m short on bus fare

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mikey is such a kid’s name but like also a teen/adult guy who act’s like a kid. like a really dumb frat dude

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why haven’t I met you yet we live relatively close to each other

connecticut has not been kind to me in the past. honestly meeting people in the city is my only option really

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severs replied to your post: severs replied to your post:THERE’S GO…

I wanna hang out with you so bad dang it

come to nyc and we can

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something I love and hate at the same time is when someone takes my camera and takes a picture. well I like when it’s of me but otherwise don’t waste my film

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yo but honestly I’m spending like $250 on film + developing like in the next two weeks so I get where she’s coming from

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THERE’S GONNA BE SO MANY GOOD PICTURES wow and such a variety. well actually there’ll probably be like a hundred I took while hanging out in the woods alone. and then a few where I’m in the woods with friends. there’s pics of the city and the beach and a few parties and empty fields and all sorts of stuff

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